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Ryoko Kaneta's first solo exhibition in Singapore

21 October to 30 November 2023

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6.30pm

Singapore and Japan, two island nations embraced by the endless sea, share more than just geographical proximity. Singapore, steeped in maritime legends, akin to the iconic Merlion that graces its shores, holds the mysteries of the deep in its heart. Japan too, weaves an intricate tapestry of ancient sea tales, providing an endless well of inspiration. This exhibition, set in the far reaches of Singapore’s shores, draws its inspiration from the shared elements of Japan and Singapore; the boundless sea, tranquil lakes, and cascading waterfalls. Its captivating exploration unfolds through artworks intertwined with the mysteries of water, inviting you to embark on a journey of curiosity and wonder.

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Rori Hee's first solo exhibition in Singapore

Twinkle Day

29 August to 29 September 2023

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6.30pm

How was your day today?

A day that flows by so casually, for some as ordinary, and for others as extraordinary.


When tomorrow comes, I will once again regret yesterday, yearn for last year, and miss my childhood.


Today, I was living for someone else.


I know that my day will not come back, but I did not care.


I want to spend a day for myself now.

My Twinkle Day.

He Zulin's first solo exhibition in Singapore

25 July to 24 August 2023

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6.30pm

Rooted in the belief that memes possess the power to transcend their original context, He Zulin seeks to create a spiritual landscape in which to lay not only her own emotions but also the emotions of others. For her, memes are not just descriptions that locate their content in a specific historical space and time, but a description that creates, as the background of the phenomenon it describes, an inexistent space of its own, a synthesis with the audience.


No meme is an Island, they are all products of the social and cultural environment in which they are created, disseminated, and evolved. They carry with them the collective memories, emotions, and values of the people who created and shared them. Memes possess a remarkable ability to trigger an emotion, a personal encounter, or a mental state that strikes a chord with individuals. He Zulin's interest is in the brutal simplicity of memes and how it triggers a whole universe of feelings and consoles a distant soul. For her, it bridges the emotional gap that was once created by the matrix of digital communication.


Memes can be humorous, sarcastic, poignant, or thought-provoking, and they can provide a sense of shared experience and connection among people who may be separated by time, distance, or culture. Metaphors and poetry are vital in art, memes are modern poetries.”- He Zulin

Bibi Lei's first solo exhibition in Singapore

Phoenix & Peacock

20 June to 19 July 2023

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-6.30pm

In this exhibition, we will present a series of works that depict the spiritual awakening of femininity. Bibi Lei weaves a unique story of "Phoenix & Peacock" inspired by the two mythological creatures and are considered spiritual beings in Eastern cultures.


In the paintings, the two little girl protagonists will experience Growth, Rebirth, Divinity, and Spiritual Awakening. They channel the colorful powers of these two sacred creatures, transforming into the guardians of the universe and giving joy, luck, and prosperity to humankind.


The little girls I create in my paintings are brave & rebellious. Together with them, I won't be afraid of the dark, and I can see a colorful world of wonders.” - Bibi Lei

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